Apple has patented a MacBook Wireless Charging Dock

Apple has patented a MacBook Wireless Charging Dock

In the latest news coming in from the states we have found out that Patently Apple has revealed that the US mega company, Apple has applied for 40 patent cases in two papers. In accordance with the publication, Apple is considering incorporating wireless charging coils into their MacBook and this coil will work in two ways. This basically means that the coil will be used to charge the MacBook but in addition to that, this coil will also have the capability to charge other devices using the same MacBook which is incorporated with the said coil. 

This idea is what the publication believes to be is most likely another trick which Apple is ready to use in order to create an emtire ecosystem of sustainable products. It should be noted that details in the document concerning the patent shows us a MacBook which is seen to be charging an Apple watch and an iPhone which is basically a hint towards how the company wants to make their products inter-dependent as means to make their products more efficient when they work together. While explaining the tech that will be used, the patent explains that ,

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“A portable electronic device comprising: an enclosure having a back surface and defining an opening opposite from the back surface; a display positioned within the opening of the enclosure; a first inductive coil and a second inductive coil positioned separate from the first inductive coil, both the first inductive coil and the second inductive coil being positioned within the enclosure and between the display and the back surface of the enclosure, and operable to wirelessly transmit power to, or receive power from, an external device positioned proximate to the enclosure; and a first alignment component positioned adjacent to the first inductive coil and a second alignment component positioned adjacent to the second inductive coil, wherein the first alignment component is arranged in a first configuration, and the second alignment component is arranged in a second configuration different from the first configuration”. 

Now even though this would require a pretty hefty and powerful wireless charger to make this choice available in the market, this is without a doubt a very intuitive proposition. If folks at Apple do decide to go forward with this line of action, the MacBook will not be the first laptop to adopt wireless charging as you should know that the first laptop to ever feature a wireless charging setup was Dell Latitude 7285 which released back in the year of 2017.


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