Apple have gotten the rights to create and launch there own Foldable phones

Technology sector requires various innovations and creations to continue to flow, to provide users with something new which means that this particular sector has to work very hard on creating something different and unique for the end consumers. Over the years we have seen phone cameras improve so much that they give users an experience they might get on a DSLR camera. Hardware capabilities have also increased in the past few years and this shows the emphasis on innovation that company’s hold. The latest of the new trends in technology include that of the Foldable device concept and companies such as Huawei and Samsung have already come forward with this new design with both companies launching there respective Foldable dual-screen devices. Now in a new term of events, it appears that the American giants Apple have got a patent which will give them allowance to produce there version of the foldable device, as reported to us by a source.

Furthermore, as per the patent which was reportedly granted on Tuesday by US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), gives out information about an electronic device which will be able to fold its screens like the Galaxy Fold. However, it should be noted that there is currently no indication as to whether this patent has been acquired for a new iPhone or an iPad, so far it is only listed as an electronic device, but many would expect that this patent has been acquired for the phone, as lets be honest, iPad and Tablet technology is coming to an end, with phones getting a very suitable large screen size, one considers the Tablet to be unnecessary.Nonetheless, the patent shows the display folding in a handful of configurations, with some designs having multiple styles.

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At this point, it is worth noting that this is not by any means the first time users are getting hints that the company is working on foldable displays, it was being planned for sometime now, the only question was as to when this may get released.The new  patent was spotted earlier back the month of January 2018. Moving on, in February this year, Apple updated a patent for a foldable clamshell designed phone, however the request forthat was originally submitted in 2011. Well users will be keen to see Apple try out this new innovation in technology and we cannot wait to find out how the phone ends up looking and of course its specifications, at this moment we can only assure you that Apple is definitely working on such a device, for more news we’ll keep you updated!

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