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Apple in legal trouble

An iPhone user present in Texas, United States has recently took upon himself to file a class-action lawsuit against tech giant Apple as the company allegedly sold defective batteries as well as violated its warranty promises after the user’s iPhone proceeded on to explode in his face just a couple of years ago back in 2019.

The lawsuit was actually subject to being filed in the US district court for Easter District of Texas and this took place on Thursday – as per reports coming in from Appleinsider. There have been claims that the Apple iPhone 6’s battery “contains a defect which makes it unable to reliably perform its function.”

The man from Texas is seeking a class-action status as well as a jury trial as he is asking for damages for the allegedly defective Apple iPhone 6 as well as the defective battery that it came with along with incidental damages arising for replacement devices and also attorneys’ fees and courts costs.

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As has been reported, the story is actually that the victim was listening to music on his phone when he noticed that the music which was playing on the device actually began to skip itself. And so when he picked up his device in order to see what’s going on, it suddenly exploded and caught fire right in his face.

The lawsuit takes note of the fact that the victim suffered injuries to his eyes as well as his wrist thanks to the incident that took place. The injury which had occurred on the wrist did so due to the fact that the fire caused the man to fall – during which he had used his hand to brace himself. It has also been reported then that the victim actually suffered economic loss courtesy of the incident – of which includes the cost to replace the phone as well as the medical treatment for all the injuries that he has suffered.


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