In a world driven by technology and innovation, software updates have become an integral part of our daily lives. These updates are not only essential for security but also bring exciting new features to our devices. However, the concept of automatic updates has often left users feeling that their personal space is being invaded. What if you wish to postpone the latest software release due to its notorious bugs, such as iOS 17? Apple has recognized the need for software updates and devised an ingenious solution.

A Revolutionary Approach

This groundbreaking approach to iOS updates comes to us courtesy of Mark Gurman, a reputable source from Bloomberg. According to his report, Apple has introduced a unique system that allows iPhones to be updated even before they are unboxed. This innovative method aims to ensure that your new iPhone is up-to-date with the latest firmware from the moment it leaves the retail box.

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Efficiency and Convenience

So, how does this system work? Apple has equipped its stores with a special “pad-like device” that serves as the key to this revolution. When a customer purchases a new iPhone, the sealed device is placed onto this pad. What follows is nothing short of magic – the system wirelessly activates the iPhone, performs the necessary update, and then powers off the device, all while it’s still sealed in its packaging.

Benefits for Users

You might wonder about the necessity of this seemingly intrusive approach to iPhone updates. The answer lies in ensuring that users receive their devices without the bugs and issues that can occasionally accompany initial iOS releases. This is especially relevant given the challenges iOS 17 faced upon its launch, including the problem of overheating, particularly on the iPhone 15 Pro.

This method guarantees that your device is ready to go from the moment you unbox it. No need to connect to Wi-Fi or spend time waiting for updates to install. Your iPhone is updated, bug-free, and ready to deliver a seamless experience.

Expansion to Other Apple Products

While this innovative approach is currently exclusive to iPhones, there’s potential for it to extend to other Apple products. The report suggests that customers may soon enjoy the benefits of this system at Apple Stores before the end of 2023. This expansion could revolutionize the way we unbox and start using our Apple devices, making the customer experience even more efficient and delightful.


Apple’s commitment to ensuring its customers have access to the latest iOS updates is unwavering. While the concept of updating sealed iPhones might seem intrusive at first, it guarantees a smoother experience for users. As we move forward, we can expect this method to enhance the efficiency of Apple’s product unboxing process, providing users with devices that are ready to use immediately.


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