Apple to introduce its line of Budget smartphones…..

Apple to introduce its line of Budget smartphones…..
Apple to introduce its line of Budget smartphones…..

Apple is on the verge of unveiling the new iPhone line for 2018, as the events following the release are expected to be held in a few days time. There are three iPhones which are expected to be in the market as soon as next month, these include two high end expensive models, and one ‘budget’ option, which probably won’t be as budget friendly as initially thought.

According to the latest rumors and expectations surrounding experts, it is expected that even the 6.1 inch LCD budget iPhone is set to cost a lot more than one would have expected or thought.

Every thing basically revolves around Apple’s last year flagship, the iPhone X, which made its debut just last year. The demand is still there, and it is no doubt that the revenue generated by the sales of the iPhone X massively helped the tech giant to become a trillion dollar company.


It is expect that this year, Apple would follow an even more aggressive pricing strategy for the 2018 iPhones, after the huge sale numbers of the iPhone X, even though it came around with a massive price tag. Taking into consideration this, it is rumored that the ‘budget’ iPhone would set you back $849. Not much of saving, is it? Other than this, the 5.8 inch XZ will probably cost around $949-999, and while the iPhone Xs Max’ price hasn’t been of great speculation of yet, I think we all can agree that it obviously will cost more than its two siblings.

Good news for Apple is that even with the heavy price tags in mind, the release of the upcoming phones is at a time which is great for Apple. According to a recent survey, it was reported that nearly two-thirds of iPhone users are still using a device which is at least two years old. So even if the price tags are hefty, many people would want to change their old phones to new ones, and this massive number of users could give the Apple sales figures a mammoth boost.


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