Apple’s up and coming iPhone 13 series has been in the news for quite some time now, going on to reveal pretty much everything that we can expect from the lineup. As the launch in September now nears, more and more details with respect to the smartphone series keep up popping up online.

In the latest turn of events, a report making its way from Digitimes goes on to claim actually that Apple could be raising the prices of its iPhone 13 models so as to compensate then for the increasing costs with regards to component manufacturing

We would though advice you to take this news with a pinch of salt for now due to the fact that the news isn’t from a too credible source. However, it is also important to remember that it might all end up being true as well.

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Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company – which of course happens to be the world’s largest chip manufacturer, is also indeed a contract manufacturer for Apple chipsets, including of course the Apple A15 Bionic which will end up powering the upcoming lineup of phones – those of whom now happen to be based on the 5nm+ process.

While it is the case that TSMC is set to increase pricing, Apple will be passing up that increase in price to customers. TSMC has gone on to notify customers about increasing pricing up to 20%. Apple, which is amongst the biggest clients of the company, could end up seeing a price increase of 3-5 percent.

While the increase from TSMC is indeed set to go into effect from January of next year, Apple will end up launching the new devices with increased prices instead of hiking price just a couple of months after the official launch. Also, just a few months ago, it had been reported that Apple had in fact placed a massive order of more than 100 million units of the A15 Bionic chips from TSMC as the company is actively looking to eliminate any issues that may end up arising with respect to the supply of components for the sake of its upcoming iPhone 13 lineup.


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