Just a couple of days ago, tech giant Apple went on to release a beta iPhone software which makes the whole ordeal of unlocking your device without using Face ID and while wearing a mask all the more easier.

Right now as the situation goes, if you’ve made a habit of wearing a mask and own an iPhone, you would need to lift off your mask in order to unlock the iPhone with Face ID. If you do this, then follows a very annoying delay between when the phone realizes that it cannot see or scan your face and when it then presents the passcode screen so as to make sure that you have an alternative method of unlocking the device. While there surely does exist the solution where you can just turn off Face ID altogether, with such measures in place, you won’t get the convenience when you’re at home and not wearing a mask.

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In the new iOS 13.5 beta 3 code though, Apple makes the whole process of unlocking quite simple for all those looking to unlock their device while wearing a mask. Under these circumstances, folks wearing a mask won’t have to worry too much as the pass code field is now brought straight to the main screen. And if you are in fact wearing a mask, then all you would have to do to unlock your phone is swipe up and you’ll skip the Face ID and will just simply have to enter the code.

Of course you will also be able to unlock your iPhone much easily while doing other stuff too, such as mobile payments at a checkout counter. Indeed the days where you would need to fumble with your mask waiting for a passcode screen to pop up now seem to be of the past. Of course one thing is surely to note here – considering the fact that this is still a beta, we might have to wait for a few weeks before the final version launches with the feature enabled.


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