It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is awaiting the iPhone launch, as it is expected that Apple is likely to launch the latest iPhones sometime in September, and while rumors flow around every year, this year the rumors seem to be quite reliable. Such rumors have also stated that there will actually be three new devices that Apple will launch pretty soon. These are expected to be updated iPad pros, the obvious three new iPhones, and a watch with a particularly bigger screen.

It is expected that this year, we get pretty much the same phones from Apple. What I mean is that the models will be revised – but to a limited extent. The phones will keep their existing designs, however, there will be an update to the internals of the phone. The demand and the growth of the smartphone market seems to be endless at the moment, and expect Apple will be looking to take full advantage of this, as it is expected that the prices or the upcoming phones will be even more than the previous ones.

So let’s talk about the phones all in all. It is expected that there will be an upgraded iPhone X, with a 5.8 inch OLED screen, and a new high end iPhone, which will consist of a 6.5 inch OLED screen. There also will probably be a cheaper 6.1 inch LCD iPhone, which infact will look like the iPhone X.

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Talking a bit more about the more cheaper 6.1 inch iPhone, it is expected that the iPhone will be available in a range of different colors. Rumors suggest that these may range from the likes or gray, white, blue, red, and orange.

While it may sound that the cheaper of the iPhones would be a bit less luxurious, it actually won’t be that different from the other iPhones. This is proven by the fact that there will be gestures for all the iPhones which I have mentioned. These gestures would be similar to those introduced in the iPhone X, as well as Apple’s all so popular face unlocking face ID.

Rumors have also gone on to suggest that Apple faces a dilemma in naming. Naming of the phones won’t be too easy, because of the fact that the three devices aren’t at all easy to differentiate from one another. It is expected that the high end device might be the ‘iPhone Xs’, while the much larger device could be called the ‘iPhone Xs Plus’. Of course, these are petty much only rumors at the moment, nothing concrete, and all these names are subject to change.

Whatever I have stated at the moment is all pretty much based on rumors. So everything stated is to be taken with a grain of salt. While the rumors seem to be quite reliable, nothing is definitive. More is expected to be revealed in September, and till then, we can only wait.


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