Already having conquered much part of the smartphone market, Apple is now reportedly looking to broaden its horizons. According to a recent report coming from Cheddar, there are now claims that Apple might just be working on its very own video game subscription streaming service.

Streaming services have proven to be the battlefield for today’s never ending content wars. While Apple does indeed have products which might prove to be excellent for the accessibility of such services, the company does not really have its very own non-music services to compete – unless of course you really seem to love the original content coming from Apple, like Carpool Karaoke, plus sanitized versions of Dr Dre’s life story. However, we can hope that A24 can, and will make some Apple films worth our while.

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Another aspect that would seemingly pose as an advantage for Apple is the fact that unlike the streaming services for both movies and TV shows, the streaming video game services are still ripe for new contenders because companies are still trying to figure out the more complicated concept that these go on to pose.

Let’s just hope that this time, things would be different to what they were for Apple previously –in particular, I’m talking about the mess that was gaming on the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The App store on iOS devices had this huge potential for the gaming department, however, these days, the mobile scene in more of a general sense is just a free-to-play wasteland, as there comes an audience which goes on to demand nothing better than what they currently have.

Apple looking into a Video Game Streaming service?

If Apple does indeed want to make this idea into a successful one, and wants to make its streaming service worthy of subscription, it goes without saying that the company would have to prove to all that they actually care about video games. So let us see exactly how serious Apple is, and exactly how successful this idea turns out to be for the company – granted that it even goes through in the first place!


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