Apple might be in serious trouble

Apple might be in serious trouble

With the Covd-19 pandemic at its utmost peak these days, like one might have already imagined – businesses all across the globe have indeed taken a turn for the worst as the entire globe tries to counter the menace that is coronavirus. And as the businesses try to counter all the affects, many are seemingly suffering : Apple being no different! New reports now claim that iPhone sales are expected to drop by 36 percent year on year as far as the second quarter for 2020 goes. Apple might be in serious trouble.

The company stopped the whole process of reporting the number of iPhones it sells a while back when the sale figures started to decline. Instead of reporting the numbers, the company now only shares the amount of revenue that it generates in every quarter. The revenue does remain to be strong because of the fact that the company’s handheld devices are now priced well over $1000.

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Regardless of the fact that the company does provide revenue numbers, this data is not enough for the analytical world so as to confirm the exact number of phones actually sold. Nonetheless, many analysts are now making the claims that Apple will manage to sell only 28 million iPhones in the on-going second quarter of the year.

In addition to all this, the average selling price that the iPhones demand will continue to remain as one of Apple’s biggest weaknesses. The sales figures will recover only courtesy of the last quarter of the year as we expect the company to oversee a two percent drop compared to last year at the very same time. Unfortunately enough for Apple though, all this will take place and affect the company when it is expected to debut its first ever 5G enabled smartphones.

While all this goes on, the company has announced its first ever sub $500 iPhone in years as the iPhone SE has made its way into the company’s smartphone portfolio.


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