The most recent rumors have been suggesting that Apple just as well might go with a dual SIM iPhone for this year. If this turns out to be the case then it would be the first time that we have an iPhone with dual Sim option. And the move would also seem surprising because Apple has not been entertaining the idea of dual sim in any one of its phones, and it has been proven by the fact that we have never ever had a dual SIM iPhone before.

And while it may seem that the dual SIM option is not of much avail  in Apple’s home country, the United States, it is certainly a necessity it seems in other regions of the world.

However to say that Apple has shown any signs that it is willing to break with its high margin business model in order to gain more users in more cost conscious regions would be wrong. Let’s take the example of India.The country has many users which of whom use a 4 inch iPhone, which has 3 year old specs and still is sold for around $400; so it is pretty hard to imagine a brand new dual SIM iPhone making much of a difference. With this new feature in mind, Apple is obviously look targeting outside the mainstream Indian or even the subcontinent market and the case is unlikely that if there isn’t the presence of dual Sim, people wouldn’t prefer the iPhones. Because after all, the world is crazy over iPhones as it is, without the dual Sim card option.

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But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because at this moment we don’t even know that there would be an iPhone in the Indian,subcontinent or any other market for that case. However recent reports have come to suggest that the dual SIM iPhone may be a China only variant and this iPhone would be the lower end one, which has a 6.1 inch LCD screen. A Report from Bloomberg though seems to suggest that this dual sim iPhone would also be applied to the 6.5 inch OLED model. And these rumours won’t be hard to believe because in the Chinese Market dual sim phones seem to be a basic necessity as we see dual SIM card slots in flagship devices from the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, and so on.

So that’s kind of the deal. It is a matter of convenience for China rather than the cost effectiveness for emerging markets.You can say that in a market like the Chinese one, people might opt not going for an iPhone just because of the fact that it would not have a dual sim card slot option.

Of course as of now we know little to nothing as these are only rumors. So it is best just to wait a little bit of a while.


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