According to reports, Apple is also entering the arena of foldable smartphones. But grippingly it has joined hand with LG, not Samsung.

Samsung is now the leader in providing OLED screens and it has been partnering with Apple for the demand of OLED screens

Samsung has been creating the impression in news media outlets owing to nonstop gossip around the launch of the foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy X.

It seems like Apple has taken the cue and decided to go for this move by partnering with LG.

We all have good ides that Samsung makes billions of dollars through its licensing agreement with Apple. Every iPhone X sale is estimated to give Samsung over $100 from Apple.

In the elastic OLED’s department, LG has been making paces and has a great perspective and potential market, which is why Apple is looking at a partnership with LG this time, leaving Samsung behind.

A report from The Bell demonstrates that Apple will utilize the flexible OLED screens supplied by LG to come up with foldable smartphones. Yup, you have read that absolutely right!

The Bell’s sources have further alleged that Apple will be looking to launch this phone in 2020.

There have been so many rumours about foldable and flexible smartphones to be launched in the upcoming years but we haven’t yet seen any smartphone with foldable or flexible display launched.

Now with the speculations that Apple is also showing interest in the same field, it is considered that Samsung and LG will amplify their pace and might come up with a foldable and flexible screen device quite shortly. So we should be expecting them in 2018.

In the past, there were reports in view of the fact that Apple has a vested interested in flexible OLEDs, it will be investing $2.6B in sustaining LGs new plant. Even though the deal has not yet finalized.



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