Apple Pencil might be coming to the iPhone this summer


Apple Pencil might be coming to the iPhone this summer

A recent report by The Korea Herald suggests that Apple might be thinking about the new concept of bringing the Apple Pencil to iPhone for the very first time.

For iPad l Apple Pencil too which is a stylus particularly designed by Apple for their tablets. Apple declares that it provides “pixel perfect precision” on iPad devices.

The stylus could be used for taking notes, creating arts, designs and much more. Apple proclaims that the Apple pencil has zero lag and delay when you use it with your iPad.

The upcoming stylus will take benefit of the big screen of iPhone X and might be different and special one from the Apple Pencil for iPad.

The plan of Apple is to bring a “supercapacitor stylus type” which will put together it more reasonably priced and technology will be poles apart from the S pen presented with Note 8.

Till now, the only smartphone to come with a stylus is the Note 8 and Samsung creates differentiation from other phones in the market in this field.

Now rumours suggest that Apple is also moving forward to set up its own stylus but you might have to purchase it separately.

Like the existing Apple Pencil does not come with iPad, you have to buy it individually for $100 (Yes, $100 for a pen).

The idea of Stylus was opposed by Steve Jobs when he was the CEO. However, styluses were different back then. At that time, the purpose of Styluses was mainly for input mechanism. But now you can use them to make animations and drawings.

According to the report of Korea Herald

“Apple is mulling something that its late founder Steve Jobs had outright rejected — adding a stylus to its iPhone, according to industry sources on Oct. 13.”

“Apple is preparing to launch the phone as early as 2019,” an industry source told The Investor on condition of anonymity. “It is also in talks with a couple of stylus makers for a partnership.” They added.



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