Apple Second-generation Pencil writes a new chapter for device

Apple Second-generation Pencil writes a new chapter for device
Apple Second-generation Pencil writes a new chapter for device

Recently a successful Apple Mac hardware event took place in which new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini stolen the show but the story don’t end here as they weren’t the only announcements company made. Apart from the new iPad Pro, Apple also unveiled a new second-generation Apple Pencil to go with it.

Does it offer absolutely new features?

Well, the best thing about this Apple Pencil 2 is, it really offers a number of new features. Now you can charge it wirelessly, like you don’t have to plug it in to the Lightning port, which you wouldn’t be able to do now anyway as that the new iPad Pro has a USB-C port instead.

All you need to do is simply attach it magnetically to the side of the new iPad Pro. This is also the way to pair it, snap it to the side of the iPad Pro, and it will pair automatically. Doing this, a drop-down bubble will appear on the iPad Pro screen that shows the battery percentage of the Apple Pencil.

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Apart from different charging methods, there are some other major things that really make the new Apple Pencil different from the original, which was launched in 2015. The new Apple Pencil features a slightly different design, ince this time it has a flat side rather than an entirely round build so you can hold the device more easily.

On the other hand, new Apple Pencil also has a few tweaks that make it more functional. For instance, it now supports gestures like the facility to tap twice to perform certain tasks. If you tap twice, it will switch the Pencil to the eraser tool and tapping twice again will switch back to the previous tool.


In new Apple Pencil, price is also different from the old one. Well this time it’s more expensive and comes in at $130, as the previous-generation Apple Pencil priced at $100.

Sadly, the new Apple Pencil isn’t compatible with earlier-generation iPad Pros. So, if you like the idea of the new Apple Pencil, you won’t be able to use it with your old iPad Pro. On the other side, if you’re thinking to order a new iPad Prom you won’t be able to use your old Apple Pencil with it. Well, that could be a pretty major disappointment for Apple Pencil users who still like their old one and don’t want to use the new one.


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