We all get irritates of Siri sometimes when we will not entertain by our desired results. Although, we have witnessed a constant and great job by Apple in the improvement of Siri to better understand its human lingo, sometimes we have to step in.

In point of fact, it is possible for you to overrule Siri pronunciations so it can understand and says contact names in the approved manner.

In your contact list, if you’ve got a friend with a name like “Shafay”, Siri may dig up the pronunciation wrong. Siri may be misheard Shafay as “shuffle” sometimes. After not getting the desired results, if you found it a tough job and get irritates then we have the solution to this problem.

Now, you are able to teach Siri the accurate and right pronunciation to better understand it when you request to message or call that person – it would be perfect if you’re using Apple Watch.

If you want to change the pronunciation just asks for the contact information of the person by simply spelling out their name. Siri will bring up the person’s information according to it then you can simply say “Siri, you pronounced it wrong”.

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After that, you’ll be asked if it’s the person you’re talking about, tap yes, then Siri will ask you to say the name correctly. Now all you need is to do this and then Siri will give a few alternatives to it, that all sound similar to be honest, so you can choose the correct one.

From now, I’m sure in future when you will ask for anything to do with that contact Siri will recognize the name in the better way and also pronounce it right.

But if you find this method a little tricky and silly you can also perform it via typing. All you need is to “Go into the contact information then downward to add the field and add the pronunciation section and then you have to type in the person’s name phonetically.

Well, if you are gloomy because Siri isn’t addressing you correctly then this method is also fit for your name. Just say “Siri, who am I?”, then after getting its response, you say, “Siri, you pronounced that wrong”, and go from first to last the correction process which suits you the best.




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