Just last year, Apple proceeded on to announce the iPadOS – a special version of the company’s exclusive software that runs only for iPads. Before the introduction of this concept, iPads ran iOS in a manner quite similar to the iPhones. And now, a new leak is suggestive of the idea that Apple may actually soon ditch the iOS name altogether – in favor of iPhone OS (which is most likely to actually come out as iPhoneOS).

This particular info makes its way courtesy of a tweet that has been followed by Jon Prosser – a famous leaker who has in fact made his name by sharing reliable Apple-related news. The tweet was then also corroborated by Max Weibach who belongs to XDA Developers who went on to claim not so long ago that Apple will indeed rename iOS to iPhone OS.

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The tweet that has come forward courtesy of the information shared by Max has also suggested that the iPhone might actually end up as being renamed to Apple iPhone. But with regards to the rename of the iPhone – it is advisable to take such news with a pinch of salt.

It is though expected that if any of such rumors are to be confirmed – they will be done so at Apple’s WWDC 2020 conference which happens to be scheduled for the 22nd of April. Indeed it is actually expected that the conference is supposed to take place to share on some new developments as well as features that may come along to the iOS 14, iPadOS, watchOS and also : macOS.

And hence, it is without doubt advisable that for now, even though the rumors as well as the leaks seem to be rather strong, we take the news as being just that : rumors. Of course if anything is to be confirmed, it will be done in the near future.


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