Apple Inc introduced new iPhone 14 models that are able to use satellite to transmit messages in emergencies and also an adventure-oriented Ultra Watch for sports like triathlons and diving.

The products that focus on outdoor will test whether Apple’s wealthy customer base will continue to spending even in the face of the rising cost of living.

The prices of the premium iPhone 14s are identical as the previous iPhone 13 models. However, Apple removed its cheapest model that was that of the iPhone mini, which means that the lowest model will cost $100 more than it did last year’s.

The iPhone 14 will start at $799, with it will be priced at $799 and the iPhone Plus at $899 and will be available for pre-order beginning September 9. In addition, the iPhone Pro will cost $999 and the iPhone Pro Max $1,099 and will be available on September 16.

“It’s interesting that they have decided to keep prices the same regardless of inflation pressures,” said D.A. Davidson analyst Tom Forte. “The choice or strategy is Apple believes it is able to keep margins intact by eliminating an item that is priced lower than the range.”

Apple announced that it’s satellite SOS will be able to work in conjunction with emergency responders. The company also announced that in certain circumstances users will be able utilize the FindMy app to communicate their location by satellite in the event that they do not have any other connection.

The service is free for two years when you purchase iPhone 14. iPhone 14. Apple has not yet announced what would happen following that time.

The shares of Globalstar Inc jumped 20 per percent on Wednesday after the company that provides satellite services announced that it would be the operator of Apple’s satellite Emergency SOS service.

Apple will cover 95 percent of the capital expense approved for the satellites required for the service however, Globalstar stated that it would require loans to construct and launch the satellites.

The stock was up nearly 70 percent between mid-June and Tuesday’s closing after speculation of a partnership with Apple.

Other companies are also working on similar tasks. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently announced it was in talks with T-Mobile to make use of their Starlink satellites in order to link phones with the internet.

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus model will be larger than the Apple iPhone Pro models but an A15 processor chip , similar to the earlier iPhone 13.

Apple watches

The Cupertino California-based company also showcased a variety of Apple Watches that are new, including the brand updated Watch Ultra model aimed at diving and extreme sports, and created to compete with sportswatch experts like Garmin or Polar.

“Apple is competing with the same consumer group that has a high level of loyalty to their products and suppliers It will have to prove its worth with time,” said Runar Bjorhovde analyst at Canalys.

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The Ultra features a larger battery that can last for longer in races like triathlons. It also has better resistance to temperature and waterproofing for outdoor conditions as well as improved tracking of GPS for activities.

The new watches include a new budget model dubbed the SE and the Series 8 Watch with crash detection and low power mode for the duration of 36-hour battery endurance.

The Series 8 with cellular will begin at $499, while the SE will begin at $299 with the option of cellular. The Ultra with cellular, which comes with it within its basic model will be priced at $799. It will become available on September 23rd.

Apple announced that the Series 8 watch is the latest model from Apple. Series 8 watch has a temperature sensor which will work together with its cycle tracking application to detect ovulation in retrospect. Apple emphasized the privacy policy for its tracking cycle.

Reproductive health data and privacy has become the focus of tech companies following the release of an US Supreme Court decision that shut down a legal right to abortion under the Constitution of the United States.

Apple has stated that it does not possess the key to decrypt health information such that of cycle monitoring.


Apple has also announced the fact that its new generation of AirPods Pro will double the volume of noise cancellation compared to the first version.

However, while other accessories like Apple Watch and Apple Watch have helped drive incremental sales from Apple’s already-established customer base however, Apple’s iPhone remains the core of the company’s business, accounting for 52.4pc of its sales in the most recent fiscal year.

Apple’s stock rose 0.8pc following the presentation, trailing the gains of the S&P 500 by 1.8pc for the entire session.

Apple has not provided any clues or even a glimpse of its mixed-reality headset Wednesday. The device is expected feature cameras that transmit views of the world outside to the wearer and overlay digital objects over the real world. Analysts aren’t expecting that the device will be available until the end of the beginning of next year, at the earliest.

A competitor headset known as Project Cambria is in the process from Meta Platforms Inc, which has invested billions of dollars for the project.


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