To see floating pictures around the Web that live on your phone and stay within your mobile apps is now possible with Apple. And Apple makes it joyous to capture the movement which is unexpected to be captured efficiently. Recently Apple has updated its developer portal with a new tool called LivePhotosKit.

Apple is no doubt a demand friendly company which provides it’s serviced to its consumers according to the demands of the consumers as well as the demand of time.

It is a javascript API which brings live photo playback support to your sites.

Live photos can’t be embedded here just yet, but a working example can be seen. Apple’s example mechanism for moving playback looks pretty.

I didn’t click or hover over the image but scrolling made the picture move, there is not any button.

Hover your mouse cursor over the little “LIVE” box in the upper Right to turn out.

It is not tough to remember once you have figured it out but for twenty seconds you will be convinced that something has broken.

API should play with most of the major browsers, Mobile or otherwise, this is Apple’s documentation suggested for API.

Is not this LivePhotosKit really enjoyable?

Really it is.

Must avail yourself and invite your beloved too, as this invitation will prove your love and care for your beloved.

It did a lot for me sometimes to make me laugh and sometimes to discover the truth, no doubt it will do for you too.


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