Apple Wants Independence From Google; Planning On In-house Search Engine

Apple Wants Independence From Google

Google pays Apple around $10 to $12 billion every year to be its default search supplier over the entirety of its devices. The arrangement between the two organizations may lapse soon as another antitrust argument against Google by the US Department of Justice could forestall its expansion. This may make Apple head out in different directions with Google and build up its own web crawler. 

This isn’t the first run through Apple has made moves to progress away from Google as in 2014, Apple’s web crawler Applebot got operational as a choice to Google. Apple additionally employed Google’s Search and Artificial Intelligence boss John Giannandrea in 2017 who began functioning as Senior VP of Machine Learning and AI Strategy at Apple. 

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Quick forward to 2020, iOS 14’s home screen search takes you straightforwardly to sites, bypassing Google totally. 

It is muddled what structure the Appleweb crawler will take. There are no subtleties with regards to whether it will be an out and out site like or on the off chance that it will be a speedy quest highlight for iOS and macOS devices. 

In any case, obviously Google’s arrangement with Apple will before long beginning confronting administrative weight which may wind up with Apple’s revealing another option, whatever it ends up being.


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