Apple will likely announce the new Apple Watch during September. but there are rumors that the temperature sensor on the body may not be operational immediately. Apple Watch 8 Apple Watch 8 is rumoured to monitor the temperature of your skin. The device could track the sleep cycle, detect symptoms of fever, and even detect ovulation.

MacRumors informs us the Apple Watch 8 fever detection is not ready for launch.

If it is, then that’s unfortunate. In our modern, health-conscious society the ability to recognize fever could be a game changer.

This would give me peace of mind for one who takes the covid-19 test prior to traveling or visiting relatives who are elderly.

When your Apple Watch believes I have an illness, I choose whether or not to go out, or stay in my home to keep my family and friends sick.

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This is in response to disappointing news regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s infrared temperature sensor.

Galaxy Watch 5 Galaxy Watch 5 would use the temperature of the skin to monitor sleep, similar to that of the Apple Watch’s suspected sensor.

Samsung spoke a lot about this feature prior to when it was announced. Galaxy Watch 5 came out however, it’s not operational at the moment. However, it will be accessible “in very near time” when it will be.

For Apple the Watch, it’s not clear if the capability to detect fever could be made available by way of a firmware upgrade post-launch or is it a hardware issue which won’t be solved till the Apple Watch 9 comes out. Apple’s September announcements are eagerly awaited.

Apple might have a lot to show off, such as the release of an Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition being planned.


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