Apple Watch helps save a man

Apple Watch SE

Smartwatches these days are more and more frequently deployed in ways that were never imagined before – and this also includes saving lives and also seemingly expand the health outreach of individuals. Indeed the Apple watch has evolved with a rather large number of life-saving features that continue to prove vital to save the lives of its users.

Indeed a 25-year-old man in Brandon Schneider is still alive today – mainly thanks to the fall detection feature which is present on the Apple Watch which was of course activated when the man witnessed a potentially life-threatening fall inside the bathroom of a New York City hospital just last month. The man was seeming as fit as a person can be – involved in regular running exercises and also lived a rather decent lifestyle. Howbeit, he experienced some abdominal pain and therefore visited the hospital.

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Along these lines, the man had to use the washroom one day, however, while having at it, he passed out. When he fell down, his Apple watch fall detector was able to send an alert to his father in a very prompt manner and his father then swiftly responded too.

All in all this feature proved to be life-saving for that man and ended up in helping the family avoid a disaster. Indeed the fall detection feature found in the Apple Watch has the potential to send an alarm or an alert to a loved on when it detects a fall and if the user doesn’t respond in 45 seconds – an alert then goes out.


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