Apple Watch used as a Tracker for Robbery

Apple watch

The Apple Watch has been in the news quite frequently for the services that it has provided humans with – in addition to those that you would expect from the watch. Indeed most of the news surrounding the watch comes in good instances, like the smartwatch saving the life of a man who actually fell into an icy river or indeed the instance where the watch ended up saving the life of a British cyclist who go caught in a flooded river. This time around though, the wearable has been caught at the other end of the spectrum.

Indeed the popular watch from Apple was allegedly used by a crew of seven people so as to track down and also rob a suspected drug dealer of over $500,000. The Department of Justice in the US goes on to claim that the wearable which was used by the leader of the seven-people crew was ended up being used so as to track down the victim.

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It then added that the group stick the device under the dealer’s bumper and then subsequently, tracked the dealer to a place. In accordance with what reports suggest, Darren Lindsay, who happens to be a 30-year-old leader of the crew, registered an Apple Watch to his AT&T plan. On the 18th of July last year, he along with the aid of two collaborators tailed the car to a parking lot and then broke the window, looking for drug money.

After not finding anything, the team then left and consequently returned for an overnight stake-out. Prosecutors claim then that the following day, they ended up shoving the victim in an SUV and then punched him in the face until he handed over his hotel key card. The money they then took, a picture of it was posted by Darren Lindsay on his iCloud account while another team member took a rather similar photo – one in which his face was also visible in the frame.


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