Apple Watch will no longer be supported by Microsoft Authenticator in January

Apple Watch will no longer be supported by Microsoft Authenticator in January
Apple Watch will no longer be supported by Microsoft Authenticator in January

By using Microsoft Authenticator, a password authentication tool that provides multiple authentication options, and doesn’t require a password or password autofill, it’s easy and secure to sign into all your online accounts. Microsoft personal and work accounts, as well as school and work accounts, offer additional management options.

There has been a change to Apple Watch that only affects it. On other devices, users can still use Authenticator to verify their identities.

There is no companion app for watchOS in the next version of Authenticator for iOS to be released in January 2023, according to Microsoft in a related Q&A. This is because watchOS is not compatible with the security features of the Authenticator for iOS. Consequently, the Apple Watch is not able to be used with Authenticator, so users cannot install it. It is therefore recommended that Apple Watch users remove Authenticator from the device. The change will only affect the Apple Watch, so users will still be able to use Authenticator on their other devices in spite of this change.

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You can use this app to log into your account when you are using Microsoft Authenticator for verifying your identity. Due to the fact that passwords are often forgotten, stolen, or compromised, two-factor verification helps make your account more secure. It makes it harder for third parties to access your account by using two-factor authentication, since the second factor is the same as the second factor in your phone. The Microsoft Authenticator app can be used in several ways:

Double verification. Standard authentication method, where one factor is a password. After logging in with your username and password, you can approve the notification or enter the verification code provided.

Log in with phone. A version of two-factor authentication that allows login using a username and mobile device as well as fingerprint, face, or PIN without a password.

code generation. As a code generator for any other account that supports authenticator apps.

Authenticator works with any account that uses two-factor authentication and supports time-based TOTP-compliant (one) passwords.


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