Apple Face ID system gets a huge market in phone industry. Now after successful introduction of Face ID on the iPhone X, Apple is working on redesigned iPad that would remove the device’s home button with the new Face ID system.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the upcoming iPad will feature a similar screen display of 10.5-inch like iPad Pro and is expected to be released soon after next year.

 As the iPhone X has got rid of the Touch ID home button, now Apple will trim the iPad’s bottom bezel closer to the device’s edge. This would result in a more immersive screen that fills nearly the entire front of the 2018 iPad.

Apple extensively decreased the iPad Pro’s side bezels with the 10.5 model which was released in June in the market. However, the report doesn’t verify whether or not it would have the iPhone X’s signature “notch” on peak.

Since older versions of iPad still have a physical, clickable home button which looks a bit outdated feature though. As we had seen last year, Apple move forward to a non-moving button in iPhone 7 that simulates pushes with vibration. Apple applied the same rule on the iPhone 8 and 8Plus launched a month ago.

According to Bloomberg report, Apple will employ the old option of LCD for the 2018 iPad series and not in condition to utilize OLED, due to some technical and economic restrictions which are putting off the similar display technology.

Although Samsung utilizes high-resolution OLED screens both for its tablets and Galaxy Book that runs Windows.

However these devices are failed to get high marketshare in comparison of Apple’s iPads and not sold even at half of the volume of Apple’s iPads.

We are not sure about the water resistant feature regarding the upcoming iPad, whether it will have or not? But, chances do exist that it may hold up wireless charging option.

We will have to wait till next year, as the iPad is set to launch by the end of next year so let’s stay calm and keep waiting to see if Apple could meet its demand at huge level, unlike iPhone X.


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