Apple Working on a Foldable iPad

Apple Working on a Foldable iPad

The world is all in for the next big innovation in mobile phones and that innovation appears to be the foldable era of smartphone. Now, we know that we have already been graced with an era dedicated to foldable phones, such as the flip models coming form many companies, especially Sony Ericsson who were once a big game player in that market, however, nowadays the foldable phones are more modern, sleek and among many things, they are touch screen foldable devices with O-Led displays and much more. 

As we move forward in this decade, more and more smartphone OEMs have been working on launching their foldable smartphones, however a big name is still waiting to introduce itself in that niche category. The Silicon Valley based giants,  Apple is yet to give any official word on whether will launch a foldable phone or not, however, a recent leak has suggested that the company is working on a foldable iPad instead.

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A very well known leaker on the social media platform,  Twitter who goes by the name of Komiya recently leaked to his peers that a foldable iPad is well in the works. As per the leakster, Apple is working on launching their iPad by 2023. This particular  will come come packed with the new microLED display, a display on which Apple has been working on for quite some time now. The company has already informed their fans that they are planning to launch products with its new technology in the upcoming years, however no confirmed dates have yet surfaced online or in the news. 

In addition, Komiya states that unlike current foldable devices which are up for sale in the technology market, the foldable Apple iPad will not have any hinges. The new device will feature two panels which shall be connected to one another seamlessly, making no compromise on design and swiftness of the iPad. The leakster also added that the iPad will come with an under-display front camera, which will be the first time the iPad will give users a feel for the in-display lens camera. In addition, an optical fingerprint sensor will also be added under the microLED display.

In terms of hardware or the device, the new Pad will feature a 3nm A series chip, which will either be the A17 SoC or A16X processor. This will make the foldable iPad a powerhouse. Other than the aforementioned details of the said device, there is currently no information on the device, and this information is based on leaks as well so we can’t say for sure, but the tipster is known for having his leaks brought to life by major companies in the industry, so you never know.


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