September is fast approaching and that means one thing – one huge thing in the world of smartphones Apple will soon be releasing one of its, if not the most essential device it has in its locker – the iPhone. Other than that, there are two more devices which we are expecting from the company, and here we will give a brief outline as to what to we can and should expect of this year’s iPhones.


One thing which we can almost be certain of is that this year’s iPhone will abandon the designs of its predecessors, and the company will indeed be abandoning the out dated, and out of fashion style which was captured by the iPhone 6, and this year’s design will be much different than the previous models, because it will be much similar to the iPhone X, in that it being bezel- less. Rumors have, however stated that the ‘budget iPhone’, which will have a screen of 6.1 inches will indeed have thicker bezels around the device,(when compared to the iPhone X) due to the limitations provided by the LCD screen.


A huge improvement upon the previous iPhone’s is expected this year, with the 6.5 inch iPhone X plus probable to feature a rear camera with three lenses. The 6.1 inch LCD iPhone, on the other hand will not be as premium as its siblings, and it is indeed likely that the iPhone will not feature FaceID, 3D touch, and a second rear camera.

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Apple recently became a trillion dollar company, and it is more than likely that the company wants even more. Hence, it is expected that this year, the prices of the phones will be branded a little more aggressively. Hence it is likely that the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone will cost around $650-750, while the iPhone X plus will probably come in the price bracket as last year’s 5.8 inch iPhone X. However all the prices stated are just for speculative purposes, because as we know, Apple does not shy away from placing high prices on its phone’s, and while these prices seem high as it is, they may be even higher. So while we can speculate as much as we want, no one can really put a pointer on the exact prices till the phones are launched, meaning that we will have to wait and see.

Release Dates

The phones are expected to be unveiled in September, however, according to some reports, the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone will start shipping sometime in October, basically, roughly a month after its more expensive siblings hit the market.This estimate was given by an analyst from Morgan Stanley.

“We currently see no delay in the ramp of Apple’s upcoming flagship 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch OLED iPhones. However suspected issues with LED backlight leakage have caused a one-month delay in mass production of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, although this is down from a six-week delay baked into the original production forecast, according to suppliers,” the analyst said.


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