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Apple’s iPhone 14 horizontal lines aren’t a hardware glitch

The first thing that you should do if you find yourself facing iPhone 14 horizontal lines across the screen when you wake your phone up from sleep or start it up, is not to worry at all. It was thought by some people that the problem was caused by some sort of hardware fault. The good thing is, however, that the good piece of information is that they can rest easy as it is not a hardware issue. A software bug affecting mostly the newer iPhone 14 Pro Max has been discovered by Apple, the silicon giant, in an attempt to solve the glitch experienced by the majority of iPhone 14 Pro Max users. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about bugs since an iOS update is enough to fix them 😉

Is there a hardware glitch on the iPhone 14 or is it something else????

People are reporting that there is a problem with their new iPhones lately on Reddit and other social media platforms, where it appears that there are horizontal lines appearing on the screen. The horizontal lines of the pattern appear to vary in number and color, however. Some reports suggest that some people have taken their phones to Apple Stores for diagnostics, and each one has been told that there is no hardware fault with their phones. The silicon giant, Apple says that it’s an iOS glitch.

Let’s have a look at some Reddit users’ posts who took their phones to stores:

“I took it to Apple, and they ran diagnostics, and everything came back fine (green). The technician told me that there isn’t an issue with the hardware, that it has to do the software.”

“Apple support asked to DM and they run tests by taking serial number [to run remote tests] and confirmed its not an hardware issue.

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“Apple support member said ‘We are aware of the issue and this is due to the drivers […] It’s definitely a software issue and an update is expected to come soon.”

Let me tell you that, there is no consistent fix available yet until Apple issues an iOS update to resolve the glitch. However, there are some things that people have tried with varying success in order to resolve the issue temporarily that include:

  • Switching off the Always On Display feature
  • Turning off the phone manually, instead of letting it time-out
  • Resetting the phone

Some reports are suggesting that the issue only affects iPhones with an LG display, rather than a Samsung one. On the other hand, some people suspected a bug in the iOS 16.2 beta, while others are seeing the problem in other versions of iOS 16. So, Apple still needs to answer who the real culprit is.


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