It wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world of modern day technology. Their various products fall in the high-end consumer market and the over the course of time, the company has been able to establish a very popular product base. In addition to smartphones such as the iPhone, the company also specializes in other products as well, these include, earphones smartwatches, tablets and laptops, among many others. 

The company are very reputed in the market of laptops, with MacBooks very popular amongst the crowd. Now even though Apple has a vast and powerful series of computing devices under their Mac lineup, the industry is majorly dominated by their neighbours, Microsoft who with their Windows desktops and laptops sit atop that particular market. One of the major reasons behind this particular rise is because of the premium price range of Mac devices, which in turn makes consumers opt for lesser and cheaper models which run the Windows OS

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In recent developments however, the company’s has taken the decision to shift from Intel processors to ARM processors and with that change, it seems that Apple may reduce the price to their MacBooks to provide some healthy competition to other retailers in the market. Apple will now be using their own own chipset based on ARM processors for future Mac devices and this means that the pricing for Mac devices will go down a little, which will, in return, help boost the company’s market share. Only recently, Apple launched their iPhone 12 series and they have in turn scheduled a ‘One More Thing’ event later today (10th November), which is expected to be the highly anticipated and awaited launch of MacBooks, which will be powered by Apple’s own Silicon.

In contrast, these new devices are expected to offer much better performance and a better battery life, as compared to the existing Intel-powered laptops and a lower price to go with it. This is bound to get more consumers on board to switch from their Windows based laptops to MacBooks.  According to some experts, with the addition of the ARM processor, the prices are expected to go down by around $200. A famous Analyst Samik Chatterjee from Apple Insider recently said that Apple has a market opportunity of around $15 billion, which will assure a multi-year growth in a jam packed PC market.


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