The current iPhone X, which has been out in the market since last year, outperformed the Galaxy Note 9 in a recent benchmark test run by the tech blog. Yes! You read that right. Apple’s last year’s flagship gained supremacy over Samsung’s latest flagship phone.

However, that isn’t where the story ends. With Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 9 released very recently, Apple’s upcoming flagship, the iPhone X has become the center of attention. Everyone in the tech world is looking on as to how Apple counters the latest flagship from its fiercest rival. And while many reports have pointed out to certain rumored features, a newer one suggests that the iPhone X might actually outdo the Galaxy Note 9 in a more fundamental, general area – that being the benchmark performance.

A recent report from Tom’s guide has suggested that the upcoming iPhone X might have already won the battle against the upcoming Note 9, in terms of processors. This claim is further fueled by the fact that the existing model’s A11 Bionic processor has already outdone the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the publication’s geek bench 4 tests. Surprisingly enough, the Note 9 wasn’t even second when it came down to performance. The iPhone X came out on top with a score of 10,357, while the Oneplus 6 came out on second, which came out with a score of 9,088. The galaxy note 9 finally came out on third, with a score of 8,876.

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Now, the 2018 model of the iPhone X is expected to come with an all new A12 processor. With the fact that the previous A11 Bionic processor in mind, I see there being no reason as to why the all new A12 processor would have any problem beating the Note 9. It can be hence said that Apple’s in-house approach to designing chipset has consistently given the company a big advantage, and is a big part of the future for the company, going forward.

And also, it would be interesting to note that while Tom’s Guide has posted numbers which suggest that 2018’s iPhone X all but may overpower the Galaxy Note 9 in terms of benchmark scores, Tech websites have often cautioned that processor tests do not actually tell the full story, when determining the phone’s performance.

Comparing the processors of electronic gadgets is and always has been a very difficult task because the devices are so complex, and there are so many things which need to be accounted for, such as the number of, or the intensity of the apps that are open at any given time.

Only time will tell whether or not the iPhone X will indeed outperform the Note 9, and as stated earlier: even though the numbers are in the favor of the iPhone X – they do not always tell the story.


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