Apple Music app does not offer a packaged way to look at your yearly listening habits and in turn then decide which kind of music you would like to listen to next. A new app however does just that. The application which is known as the ‘Music Year in Review’ shows the user an overview of what you listened throughout the year on the Apple Music which is quite similar to the Spotify’s “Wrapped” program.

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Moreover, the music year in review is not nearly as in depth as the Spotify’s Wrapped is but it does give the user some sort of insight which can be fun to look at. Now to use the app you have to enter in your email address in the app and then connect it with the Apple Music app. It will then gather up your listening data and further on show you three separate pages, 1) how much time you spent listening to your favorite song, 2) your favorite artist on the Apple Music and 3) your top five songs and artists and some of your overall favorites, like the genre, artist and the song.

This Application will show you your Apple Music Listening Habits for 2018!

Furthermore, each page naturally comes with the sharing buttons so that they can be saved or shared to various social networking websites. All in all it is a simplistic overview, but then again considering the fact that Apple does not offer any sort of personalized year-end look at what you listened to, it will suffice quite easily. Finally, users can download the application from the Apple App store and while users have reported some crashes felt in the application, for many other users the app seems to work perfectly in any condition!


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