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Applications can reportedly track you even after you have uninstalled them

Applications It has been officially confirmed that there are some apps on your phones that didn’t leave and can actually track you even you have uninstalled them. What’s going on in this tech advanced world? Like if I have uninstalled an application it means I don’t need its services anymore. Then, what’s the point to track me up?

Nowadays, a new report in the tech circle has just started making waves according to which some of the apps are now able to track you even after you have uninstalled them.

Yes! Now the mobile application developers have found out a way to track their target audience even if they have uninstalled apps from mobile phone.

The report was first published by Bloomberg and then other media points also highlighted the issue that app developers can know about the users who have uninstalled their apps through a feature known as ‘Uninstall Trackers’ in their apps.  The objective of this move is to hit back target users with ads.

First of all, the feature will help developers to find out about the uninstallers so that they could later able to again target them with similar advertisements in an attempt to win them back.

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Several notable application developer firms like Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics, and CleverTap are developing this feature for app developers and marketeers. Not to know the list is not limited to just these companies.

Now the million dolaar question arises here, are these uninstall trackers violate the privacy terms of Google and iOS store?

Alex Austin, CEO of Branch Metrics shares his views about the issue, “It’s just generally sketchy to track people around the internet after they’ve opted out of using your product.”

On the other hand, Google and Apple both declined any statements or comment.

Nowadays, protecting the users’ privacy has become a serious issue. The challenges are increasing day by day.

Facebook to buy a cyber security company

It is important to mention here that Facebook (the ever scandalous app over users’ security and privacy concerns) is buying a cyber security company to secure the data of its users from being hacked. Well, the results still have to be seen. To what extends this cyber security company can secure the data of face book users.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha is known by her mesmerizing talent of writing most technical stories in a brilliant informal way. She is a specialist in writing breakthroughs of Startups, Freelancing and Telecom Industry.


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