No more need to take a lot of time out of your busy schedule and perform a long queue to have a driving license now, because, online learners system has been introduced by City Traffic Police permitting you driving from the comfort of their homes.

As we have reported you earlier that the Traffic Police is now introducing a mobile application for drivers namely “Rasta”. This app will bring the majority of the manual operations starting from e-challan to payment system online.

Through this app, potential drivers can enter their data to create learners permit for themselves. They will only have to leave their home for the driving test, which they have to undertake after the provided time. The driving license will be delivered to their homes.

The mobile app is currently in its testing phase and reports say that it will be available to people by the end of this month. Also, it has been speculated that the e-challan system also will be going live along with the app.

ANPR cameras have been placed by Safe City Authority in various parts of Lahore. The cameras will catch the traffic law violators electronically it will also send a challan receipt directly to their homes.

Wardens will be provided with the machines to serve at the places which lack these specialized Safe City cameras,  that enable them to create an e-challan.

E-challan,  ANPR cameras,  and now online provision of driving license are not only bringing lives of the citizens at ease but also making Pakistani transport system a digitalized one,  and that is a great step of authorities.


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