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This is the way you can apply Mascara like a pro

Looking bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and brilliant depends upon mascara and mascara  has a big job. And yet, even having find a brand and product we love that works well, it is not easy to nail the same results time and time again. The truth is that we get in our own way with some bad mascara habits. No doubt, technique is especially important to address with natural products, and it can be a little less forgiving than their conventional beauty counterparts.

Katey Denno, Green beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist, has a few rules when it comes to mascara application and product care that seems small but can change how big your eyes do look, how much defined your lashes are, and how neat and tidy they look. If you want to apply mascara like a pro, follow these tips to a T:

Apply mascara on already-curled lashes

If you wait to get your lashes curled after you put mascara, the mascara will separate where the curler hits. “You may not see it from the front, but everyone will see it from the side that there’s a chunk of your eyelashes that doesn’t have mascara on it, especially if your lashes are light,” said Denno.

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Thoroughly wipe off the wand

A lot of green beauty brands have not spent the extra money on packaging that could help removing the excess mascara. And that is OK! But it needs an adjustment in how we do care for mascara wands. She recommends you to wipe it on top of the tube itself to avoid massive clumping of material.

Have a lash comb handy

 If you are putting on more than one coat of mascara, your lashes will need a little help separating, and there is a Tweezer Man lash comb that has teeny tines that are perfect for the lashes.

Apply from the roots

If you only paint the tips, it will weigh down your curl and, at the time you turn your head, people will see only half-done lashes.

Lack of universal wand

Choosing wand according to Denno is totally a personal preference. Some people love a wand that’s larger and fluffier; others have gotten used to the hard plastic one having spiky nubs, but we should try a few different wands before deciding on the best. It is all about your eye shape, lashes, and the way you maneuver the wand with your hands.

Denno says, “As we get older and our lids get thicker ( due to fluid retention in the part of the lid where the lashes take root) it’s a little more difficult to apply mascara without getting it on that part of the lid,”.

You might notice as you go old you need a different kind of wand.

 As product is concerned, Denno prefers “very black” over brown, soft blacks, or barely there grays, if you are going to put mascara on, she recommends to use black.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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