If you’re considering purchasing a new monitor, then you’ve probably come across a variety of different Huawei monitor deals. One of the most common offers is a free game pass. It’s equivalent to about PS50 worth of gaming time after you buy your monitor. However, you may not realize just how valuable this service is, and how it can help you save money. Huawei monitor deals may include additional perks as well.

165Hz refresh rate

If you’re looking for a new monitor, you’ve probably been searching online for a 165Hz refresh rate, or even a curved display. Those things are all good, but what about a higher refresh rate? Whether you need a high-refresh rate monitor for gaming or just need a monitor for productivity, you can find deals for both on Huawei’s website.

The 165Hz refresh rate works best in combination with a 144Hz or higher resolution monitor that supports DisplayPort 1.4. If you want a lower refresh rate, you can opt for a lower 144Hz display, and the monitor includes two HDMI 2.0 ports. It also comes with a fully-featured USB-C port for power input. Other features include a built-in soundbar with two microphones and stereo speakers, as well as a multi-touch RGB-backlit control that can control volume and lighting effects.

3:2 aspect ratio

The Huawei MateView monitor has a 3:2 aspect ratio and comes with a wireless charging pad built into the base of the display. The latter is easy to implement, but is not often implemented by manufacturers. Interestingly, Huawei does not produce the display panel that goes into their monitors, so it’s likely that other monitor makers are using it instead. However, it should be noted that if the wireless charging pad is integrated into the base of the display, it’s unlikely that it will be used by Huawei.

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The Huawei MateView has an impressive industrial design and a high-quality, 3:2 aspect ratio. This display is compatible only with Huawei phones, but its price tag is quite high, even with a discount. Still, there’s a lot to like about the MateView, and the 3:2 aspect ratio will be appreciated by writers. Huawei’s flagship monitor is a great choice for anyone who works on a laptop or needs a large amount of space to view a wide variety of content.

HDR10 signal processing

The Huawei monitor does not have a fancy miniLED backlight, but it supports HDR10 signal processing. It does not have local dimming, but its panel contrast and 350 nits of brightness are impressive. It covers 90% of the DCI-P3 digital cinema space. However, despite the modest features, you may not find the HDR experience that you’re looking for. Huawei is still developing this technology.

The Dell monitor is another option that supports HDR10 signal processing. Its curved display has an aspect ratio of 18:9, and is certified to support VESA DisplayHDR 400. The panel is bright enough to reach 400 nits. Although it does not feature built-in speakers, it does have a line-out port for external audio. You should check the warranty for your monitor before you purchase it.

Wireless projection

When you’re shopping for a new monitor, you’ll probably be looking at Huawei’s new MateView model. This model has wireless projection technology and a feature called OneHop, which enables smartphone-PC connectivity. OneHop lets users drag and drop files between the two devices, and editing files is made easy as well. Huawei has now taken this technology one step further by expanding it to its flagship monitors. To use wireless projection, users simply tap their Huawei smartphone against the sensing area of the HUAWEI MateView.

The Huawei MateView is an elegant, classically-styled display that includes wireless inputs. Although the MateView has many high-end features, it doesn’t include an internal colorimeter or hardware calibration. Instead, it has a Smart Bar with quick access to useful functions. It also supports wireless low-latency projection from an external device, but it’s not compatible with all of them. In terms of connectivity, the MateView is capable of wireless projection for up to 8 devices.

Plasticky design

The plasticky design of the Huawei monitor is not the first sign of a shoddy product. While the design of the Huawei MateBook X Pro is less plasticky than its counterpart, it does lack the features that most users seek in a modern monitor. Among these are the lack of VESA options and portrait mode. The Huawei monitor does have a five-way joystick to navigate its OSD, and two USB-C ports.

Its plasticky design might turn off a lot of buyers, so you’ll want to be careful before choosing the Huawei MateView GT. Although this model does not have the best specs, it ticks most of the right boxes and might be a sign of things to come. In addition to being a solid bargain, the MateView GT is a great monitor that is sure to impress you. For its price, it might be a good sign for future products.


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