The world of internet will surely remember Arshad Khan ‘Chaiwala’, a young tea vendor, selling Chai in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar. Arshad had been a subject to social media talk a few years back mainly for his charming good looks and was immediately a fan favorite in the hearts of so many Pakistanis.

The starry blue-eyed pathan enjoyed an extended stint as a social media celebrity and was also called upon by the fashion industry of Pakistan, as well as showbiz to showcase his attractive looks. In addition, he also worked on a music video but that was shortly lived, as he soon called quits on his new found fame and got of the radar. After years of no contact, Arshad Khan Chaiwala has seemingly made a return in news but this time, he has the people’s attention towards his new cafe in Islamabad, a startup by the once so famous gentleman. 

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 In a recent interview with, Urdu News, Arshad Khan talked about how he has now opened his own tea cafe in Islamabad which he has dubbed the ‘Cafe Chai Wala’. His cafe is themed around truck art and which is his take on promoting Pakistani culture and heritage, vibrant colors have been used in the decorations and interior designing, all in all creating a rather attractive environment for his followers. While talking to Urdu News, he says that “Most people asked me to remove ‘Chaiwala’ from the name of the cafe, but I think this is something that gifted me an identity of my own, which I will always cherish”. 

Arshad Khan also talked about how he wants establish an organisation that is dedicated to promoting and providing  education to the youth, especially on honing the skills of youngsters so that they are able to gain decent amounts of income. Photographer Javeria is given the credit for helping Khan achieve his rose to fame in 2016 when she snapped him working at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar. As mentioned earlier, Arshad Khan was widely admired for his good looks, and because of that he was able to land quite a few modelling contracts as well as featuring in a music video. Khan’s name was also included in “50 of the world’s most attractive men in Asia”, released by a London magazine.


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