Asha Jadeja invests in Pakistani Startup ConnectHear

Asha Jadeja invests in Pakistani Startup ConnectHear
Asha Jadeja invests in Pakistani Startup ConnectHear

Asha Jadeja invests in Pakistani Startup ConnectHear. Angel investor Asha Jadeja, who is the iron lady behind many startup stories and investments, she has backed many startups in India, Pakistan and Silicon Valley. Now she has just backed another Pakistani Startup named as “ConnectHear”.

Founded by a young trio (Areej, Azima and Arham) the team of ConnectHear aims to overpass the gap between the mute & deaf and the objective of startup is bringing a sign language interpretation system to the society at large.

For now the company is also working on an automated audio-to- PSL (Pakistani Sign Language) application for mobile devices but over time the team aims turn out to be an inclusive platform that can unlock the world for the marginalized segment of our society.

As we reported in September when Asha had formally announced the operations of her investment firm Dot Edu Ventures in Pakistan. Now with the launch of these operations, she had declared to directly work and invest in the Pakistani startups.

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EBolt, CampusFeed, ClubInternet & many others startups of Pakistan showed good progress for Asha as she has invested in a handful of young startups in Pakistan.
Ms. Jadeja who lives in California, holds a great portfolio in tech companies on the bleeding edge of innovation as Google, Uber, PayPal, Weebly, Pinterest and more than a 100 others.

However, her investment in ConnectHear is an equity free funding to facilitate the startup get off the ground. In a statement she informed about her investing and while speaking about this grant she said,

The grant from Motwani Foundation is the first such transaction in Pakistan whereby all profits from future-exit of this company will be rolled back 100% into charitable causes. I foresee ConnectHear becoming one of the key players in bringing the handicapped population into the mainstream workforce.”

As for now that Dot Edu Ventures has officially started its operations in Pakistan, it is anticipated that we will be seeing further investments in early-stage technology companies by Asha.

 Moreover, these investments will lend a hand to new, up and coming investors to collaborate and partnership with angel investors, who appreciate the market and have previously made a handful of partnerships, to lessen their risks.


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