In a startling revelation, Saudi authorities have discovered that at least 12,000 Pakistani passports have been recovered from Afghan nationals residing in the Kingdom. This discovery has prompted serious concerns regarding the authenticity of these passports and their implications for national security. The Pakistani embassy in Riyadh has been duly notified about this alarming development.

The Recovery of Pakistani Passports in Saudi Arabia

The recovery of a significant number of Pakistani passports from Afghan nationals in Saudi Arabia has raised questions about the validity and legality of these documents. It appears that these passports have been issued under dubious circumstances, casting a shadow on the entire process.

Crackdown on the Issuance of Fake Citizenship Documents

This revelation comes at a time when Pakistan has initiated a stringent crackdown on individuals involved in the issuance of fake citizenship documents, especially to Afghan nationals. This issue has been a long-standing concern for the South Asian nation, as it poses a threat to its national security and undermines its immigration control.

The Investigation by Saudi DG Immigration and Passports and FIA

To get to the bottom of this issue, Saudi DG Immigration and Passports, Mustafa Kazi, has joined hands with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to launch a comprehensive investigation. This joint effort aims to uncover the extent of the problem and identify those responsible for facilitating the issuance of these questionable passports.

Arrest of Umar Javed

As the investigation progressed, one key suspect, Umar Javed, was apprehended in Lahore. Javed is believed to have played a crucial role in the issuance of these fake passports. His arrest marked a significant breakthrough in the case and raised questions about the involvement of other individuals.

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Involvement of Passport Directorate Officers

Surprisingly, as the investigation deepened, it was revealed that not only were private individuals involved in this operation, but even officers from the Passport Directorate had a role to play. The arrest of a former officer and a serving grade-15 officer from the Passport Directorate further complicates the matter and raises concerns about the extent of corruption within the system.

Issuance of Pakistani Passports to Afghan Nationals

Reports from local media outlets suggest that Afghan nationals were provided with Pakistani passports based on counterfeit identity cards. This not only raises questions about the integrity of the passport issuance process but also highlights the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by individuals involved in such illicit activities.

Implications for National Security

The recovery of a large number of Pakistani passports from Afghan nationals in Saudi Arabia has significant implications for national security. It opens the door to potential misuse of these documents, which could be used for illegal activities, including terrorism. This poses a grave threat to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan’s Efforts to Combat the Issue

In response to this alarming revelation, Pakistan has intensified its efforts to combat the issuance of fake citizenship documents. The government is working to strengthen the system, improve its security features, and ensure that such incidents do not recur.

International Cooperation

The discovery of these fake passports highlights the need for international cooperation in addressing the issue of illegal migration and document fraud. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia must collaborate to tackle this challenge effectively.

The Impact on Pakistani-Afghan Relations

This issue is likely to strain the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The involvement of Afghan nationals in the illegal acquisition of Pakistani passports could lead to diplomatic tensions and affect bilateral relations.

The recovery of 12,000 Pakistani passports from Afghan nationals in Saudi Arabia is a matter of grave concern. It underscores the need for both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to work together to address the issue of fake passports and illegal migration. It also calls for a reevaluation of the processes involved in passport issuance to ensure the highest levels of security.


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