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Attack on Imran Khan angers social media

In yesterday’s Azaadi March, there was a bad incident that occurred when the Chairman of PTI and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan was injured in a gun attack during which he was wearing a mask. The attack also resulted in the injury of Senator Faisal Javed and Ahmed Chattha, as well as two party workers who were also wounded in the attack.

There was a lot of unrest over Imran Khan’s attack and many people took to Twitter to share their feelings with each other.

Attack on Imran Khan angers social media

During the seventh day of the long march towards the federal capital, a shocking incident occurred that took place. There has been an arrest and an investigation is underway regarding the attacker.

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On Thursday, Hammad Azhar, the leader of the PTI party, took to Twitter to let people know what the current situation of those injured during the attack is.

We are in the company of Ahmed Chattha. The situation is no longer dangerous for him. Two gunshot wounds have been caused to him, one in each thigh of his body. There is no evidence that the wounds are deep, and he is undergoing surgery to remove the bullets from his body

In his later conversations with him, he mentioned the following about the condition of Umer Meyer and Faisal Javed:

A gunshot struck him in the leg and he is in the process of recovering from his injuries. His condition has been stabilized. Rashid, who works for PTI, has an injury to his hand, but he is also in good health. A bullet scratched the cheek of Faisal Javed, who is also stable after having a close call with the bullet.”

The journalist Ihtisham Ul Haq has shared the video of the person who opens fire at Imran Khan and asks who he is as part of his reporting on the Imran Khan attack:

However, Imran Khan’s supporters were extremely upset about the incident, and they took to social media to show their support for Imran Khan as well as to praise the Hero who saved Imran Khan from a severe accident. An individual by the name of Zarrar Khuhro praised the man who saved the chairman of PTI from imminent death.

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He said:

He is a national hero because he stopped the assassin from committing the murder. There is no doubt in my mind that he has saved our country and deserves every award and accolade we can give him.

It has also been reported that a number of important media personalities have expressed shock and prayed that Imran Khan’s life will not be endangered.

Very unfortunate that @ImranKhanPTI was injured in a gun attack near Wazirabad. He is safe. Senator ⁦@FaisalJavedKhan is injured along with ⁦@ImranKhanPTI ⁩ but safe now. May Allah protect everyone.

Journalist Cyri Almeida tweeted:

“Pakistan makes you feel ill too often. Take your country back it belongs to people.”

Senior journalist Matiullah Jan also condemned the attack and said:

Terrible and tragic. Highly condemnable and cowardly attempt on the life of the PTI chairman. Thank God he is safe and the shooter is arrested. Let the truth come out and let heaven fall for this time at least.

This was a shameful incident and should never be repeated in the future. There can be no doubt that it was a condemnable act.

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