WatsApp freak gets alerted! Your personal data is at stake. After one of the renowned messaging app WatsApp launched its brand new feature of video calling, hackers have become activated. As most of the people don’t know the original link for downloading the video calling feature, Hackers are taking advantage of this unawareness and are forwarding false emails and messages on a massive scale which is misleading the users pursuing the new feature, towards some malicious app. The records made the Indian involvement quite evident as registrant country came out to be Mumbai, India as you can see in the figures below.

By clicking to any of the above-mentioned links, a user would be directed to a false link which possesses a capability of unveiling your personal mobile data squeezing out pictures, messages, login credentials, banking passwords and PIN codes. But if you have accidentally opened the link, don’t worry! Just a few steps can retain your cell phone to its safe mode.

If a user clicks on the false links, the factory default settings of the handset must be restored in order to remove the malicious activities. Users should keep their phones up-to-date and install all updates and apps from official sources. Make sure you always download WatsApp from Google play store as it ensures the safety and blocks all the invading malware. Lastly and the most importantly, avoid clicking any suspicious links sent by unknown users without authentication in future.  These precautionary measures will not let you face the grave consequences of hacking.


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