How to enhance your potential buyers with 3C Formula

In this era buyers are continuously bombarded with online and offline advertisements and marketing outreach. Your company needs a differentiation strategy that must be unique from the crowd or else you will end up wasting your marketing budget.

No matter how many times you heard this statement but it’s also a painful truth. As long as buying and selling process will be continuing, there will always be rivalry and the need to stand out in the midst of the sea of advertisements.

At that point, it is essential to ask yourself “How can I differentiate my campaign from the rest?”

Here we are providing the best marketing message and solution that draw upon the 3 “C”s.

  • Customers

As the say “customers are always right “you need to focus that customers are oxygen to every business as they are the ones buying from you. Every marketing message must be customer oriented.

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If your message does not attract them, then what’s the point who would buy from you? Will your potential or target customers perceive or remember your marketing message if you do not deal with them well enough?

In every field it is vital to recognize your buyer persona so that you can create a modified marketing message to tackle their pain and pleasure points.

If you want to have an impact on customers’ minds, I would recommend you to increase the “beauty of benefits” and reduce the” pains of punishment “trust me it’s a great formula.

  • Company                                 

Don’t make promise that your company can’t deliver. There is no point in promoting such a marketing campaign or message.

Do the SWOT analyses of your company to better understand the capabilities; in this way you can place your company in a better position to convey the promised value.

If your company recognize its capabilities then it is possible to offer an entirely different value to your potential customers.

Before creating a campaign in this highly competitive environment, ask yourself these questions:

What are the capabilities of your company?

What is the perceive value of your product or service to customer?

Do you have buyer persona value about your product or service?

  • competitors

I’m quoting here a well-known quotation by Sun Tze, a Chinese General and Military Strategist from ancient China:

Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

As I just mentioned above the significance of understanding your company, but it is also essential to know your “enemy”, or you can say in marketing world “competitors”, in order to win the marketing battle.

You need to identify your direct and indirect competitors.

Direct competitors: direct competitors are those who are offering the same product with same vision.

Indirect competitors: Indirect competitors are those who are offering the same product but with different vision.

What are the doings and not doings of your competitors?

There is an important point here that you need to understand, you may not be offering the exact same product or service, but if your product or service offers a parallel value to the same group of prospects, then they are your competitors.

By implementing these step-by-step actions your company would remain competitive and noteworthy.

Apart from marketing message; these tips can also be useful for product development, a new service model, or you can employ it in any other marketing campaign.


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