Audio zoom, live HDR and more nifty camera features for the upcoming Pixel?

The recent leaks that have been brought along with regards to the Google Pixel 4 include the presence of an 8x zoom – possibly hybrid or digital, a telephoto lens which would likely pose as a secondary camera, and finally, a so-called Motion mode. Much has been made about the leaks, as Google gears up for the launch of its latest flagship devices next month.

However, the leaks don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Many references with regards to a number of upcoming features that will be present in the upcoming version 6.3 of the Google camera app. However, interesting to note is the fact that these have been marked as “experimental 2019” which goes on to suggest that they are perhaps limited to the upcoming Pixel flagship devices for now.

In any case though, the app contains references to the “AudioZoom” technology. Such a feature will allow users to focus on audio based on a specific subject – for example : a person talking from a distance.

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However, to say that Google would be the very first manufacturer to adopt this feature would be wrong as in the past, we have seen this feature being implemented in HTC flagship devices for both 2017 and 2018. This was soon to be followed by Samsung’s very own Galaxy Note 10 series. Quite similar audio recording has also been implemented in high end phones from LG. Though the case can be made for Google making the best use of the feature, as the Android 10 will have a native support for directional zoomable microphones in order to enable the feature.

Another feature touted for the upcoming Pixel devices is Live HDR. This feature would allow users to preview the HDR effect in the viewfinder before actually hitting the shutter key. This may prove to be a great tool for those who perhaps are unsure whether the snap is best to be taken in HDR or not.

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