The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken a significant step in addressing cybersecurity challenges within the telecom industry by initiating the development of a National Telecommunication Sector Risk Register. This move, outlined in the Cyber Security Strategy for Telecom Sector 2023-28 document, aims to provide the PTA with comprehensive oversight into the cybersecurity landscape faced by the industry.

The Risk Register goes beyond mere identification of risks; it is designed to offer insightful strategies through the Cyber Security Strategy, enabling prioritization and effective mitigation of these challenges. To enhance accuracy and dynamism in risk assessment, the PTA is set to establish an automated system that classifies risks based on their real business impact.

An innovative approach outlined in the document involves encouraging third-party audit firms to adopt a risk-based auditing approach. This proactive stance towards cybersecurity fosters collaboration, ensuring that auditing processes align with the dynamic nature of cyber threats. This collaborative effort is expected to fortify the resilience of the telecom sector against evolving security threats.

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Notably, the PTA introduced the CERT portal in 2021 for the telecom industry, aiming to elevate the security posture of the Pakistan Telecom Sector. This initiative seeks to protect and safeguard National Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure. In a further move to enhance cybersecurity measures, the PTA launched the National Telecom Security Operations Centre (NTSOC) in February 2023. This centralized platform serves as a management hub for addressing cybersecurity incidents within the telecom sector.

In summary, the PTA’s proactive approach, including the development of the National Telecommunication Sector Risk Register and the encouragement of risk-based auditing, demonstrates a commitment to bolstering cybersecurity in the telecom industry. These initiatives, along with the CERT portal and NTSOC, collectively contribute to enhancing the overall security posture of Pakistan’s Telecom Sector.


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