So when it comes to technology and its influence, the number one name that comes to mind would be that of Google, who have over the years really set standards of intuitive technology, be it there softwares or the traditional search engine, Google is one beautiful happening. Moreover, the Google Translate is another creation of Google which is found to be very popular amongst users and the very popular translation app that we all know so dearly is set to get a new “camera translation” feature.

Nonetheless and recent tear down of Google Translate 5.29 APK shows us  various lines of code which if understood shows us that Google are planning to launch new feature for Google Translate. However, it shouldbe noted that whether Google choose to decide to make these features official will have to be seen in the future, so far there is only leaked information from Google’s decompiled APK files uploaded onto the Google Play Store.Furthermore, the Google Translate 5.29 shows that the existing camera translation feature is set to undergo a major upgrade which is going to improve the translation quality and in turn willalso be able to house more languages on the algorithm.

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Withouta doubt the highlight feature set to come is the hidden “automatic language detection”, which will bring a new element to the mix. Before this, users had to manually specify the language which they wanted to translate and highlight the text.With the additionof the automatic language detection, users will get faster translation and in addition to that, they can now simply point the camera at any text without knowing what the language is and get a reliable translation of that text which is a pretty cool feature.

As part of the new interface, users will also have the option to house a “pause translation” button near the bottom, which is above the three available options of Instant, Scan, and Import. With instant mode, the translation shows on top of the original text with the same formatting.It is also worth mentioning that the scan mode isn’t very different from the previous year versions. Import, meanwhile, lets you select existing images from your gallery and users can then translate them in to the language they desire.


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