Avail social media opportunities to become a multimillionaire. As according to the Center for Disease Control, teen suicide rates have grown 30 percent for boys and 60% for girls between 2007 and 2015.  The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that almost a quarter of teenagers have been the target of cyber bullying. So we can say that “Social media can lead to mental health issues”, but it can be a gateway to economic prosperity as well.

Social media after empowering millennials to become entrepreneurs and build business empires, all media is social today, and millennials, having grown up alongside the internet, have become aware of how to create and extract value from social media.

Social media is not a fad but actually it is a productive marketing channel. As entrepreneurs can build million-dollar businesses just by having a large social media audience there.

Nathaniel Anthony began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 with a Facebook page revolving around weightlifting. 3 years later, his combined social audience included millions of followers. He is now the co-owner of Muscle Box (one of the largest fitness subscription boxes globally) and Muscle Nation Clothing. He has been able to grow a multi-million dollar business out of his social audience only.


“Importance of experimenting with different channels and sticking to the one with the highest conversion rate and lowest cost” is the thing he stresses  upon and he says, “Once you find the right platform, put your heart and soul into developing a distinctive brand.”

It is very important to meet your prospects and customers where they are. Certain demographics favor some certain platforms.

Facebook:  Establish your footprint on a platform though no-brainer but with a 2 billion monthly users.

Instagram:  Visual nature of Instagram  allows you to display your products and personally connect with your clients quite quickly. Attention spans are short on the gram, so it is difficult to engage on a deep level without some robust strategy.

YouTube: Though YouTube requires more time with effort to achieve productive outcomes, video is also literally taking over the Internet. Cisco reports that by the year 2021, more than 80% of all web traffic will be turned into video.

Snapchat: like Instagram, Snapchat  allows you to connect with fans and clients in a way full of fun, for no charge.

Pinterest: Pinterest allows you to discover new products. It is particularly good for retailers and e-commerce businesses that are selling to women, as 81% of Pinterest users are women.

Twitter:  Many people go on Twitter for news and live updates. The short form content makes it easier for anyone to engage. It’s a great place to have one-on-one conversations with numerous people.

LinkedIn: Selling B2B? you must be on LinkedIn. Leverage groups and the ability to publish blog posts to connect with your target prospects there.

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors:

 Influencer marketing is a great way to get built your brand and to expand your reach by leveraging someone else’s audience. Only be sure to choose the appropriate influencers and remember that good influencers are those who have engaged and loyal fans, not necessarily those with the highest follower count.

Content Reigns Supreme:

Either you are on social media or have your website, content is the king and the consistency is queen that builds trust and deepens your relationship with your fans.

Paid Advertising:

 To construct and execute a successful advertising campaigns requires careful planning and an understanding of the way to pay ads fit into your broader content & marketing strategies. In case  you don’t know the way to set up ads, hire an expert to save your time and money.

Also, a large social media audience could be a rich source of leads, customers & revenue generating opportunities, it is not a business in and of itself and we build ourselves due to the others.


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