WhatsApp has now started rolling out its 3D avatars around the globe to its users, months after their debut on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Avatars can now be used as profile pictures or customized stickers for users to make their profiles more personal.

A post on WhatsApp’s blog announced that users will be able to choose from 36 custom stickers that represent different emotions and actions that can be used as their profile photos, or they can use their avatars as their profile photos. It looks similar to Snap’s Bitmoji sticker or Apple’s Memoji sticker when it comes to WhatsApp avatar stickers.

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3D avatars are being rolled out by WhatsApp as of today

“Your avatar is a digital version of you that can be created from billions of combinations of diverse hairstyles, facial features, and outfits,” the company revealed.

As part of the update, WhatsApp also said that the style enhancements would include lighting, shading, and hairstyle textures over time. You can create an avatar for your WhatsApp profile by going to the Settings menu in the WhatsApp application.

A new option will also be added to the messaging app’s profile picture settings in order to let users take a picture of their virtual look-alike as their own profile photo using the “Use Avatar” option.

In addition, WhatsApp has also confirmed that you are not permitted to use your WhatsApp avatar on either Instagram or Facebook. Additionally, you will not be able to use your Meta avatar from Instagram or Facebook on WhatsApp. There is only one way to do this, and that is to create a new avatar within WhatsApp.


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