Learn About the Average Weight of a Laptop

How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh

Nearly all current laptops are made with the small portability factor, however it’s very important to consider both the weight and girth of your laptop. The small portability factor is a serious necessity of today’s best laptop for both personal and business use. However, the design of modern laptops makes it nearly impossible to have a perfectly compact, light weight laptop. The problem is that the designers of today’s modern laptops are trying to make these machines as sturdy and as capable as possible.

This means that the average laptop weight has increased, but the laptop weight has little to do with what the laptop can actually carry around in the package. Now, if you’re looking at the gaming laptop, you might be more concerned with laptop weight than how heavy the machine is, because you’ll be carrying it around with you virtually all day long, even if you don’t have to be away from your computer. However, for the office and the home user, I’d recommend a lighter laptop weight.

If you look back at the introduction of ultra-portables, such as the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, they were designed with a lightweight design. This is good, because it means that you could easily toss it into your bag or back pocket, without having to worry about a heavy machine that might cause problems. Apple knows that people want a lightweight portable machine, and so the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are two of the most successful products ever launched by Apple. However, lightweight portables are no longer the benchmark for all portable laptops. There is now an ultra-portable called the 13-inch MacBook that looks just like a normal laptop, but weighs much less than the MacBook Air, and has a whole lot more powerful hardware inside.

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To answer my previous question – yes, an ultraportable is definitely lighter than a traditional laptop or desktop replacement. How lightweight though? Well, an ultraportable is only a few pounds lighter than the average laptop, which are impressive, but not as impressive as some would have you believe. Basically, what the ultraportable really means is that you can carry it around with you everywhere that you go. Because it’s so light, you can bring it with you on car trips, to office, to the mall, to the gym, and so forth.

So how light is this super portables? In many ways, it’s no heavier than a standard laptop size. It’s about the same weight as the 13-inch MacBook Air and as thin as a full-sized notebook PC. In fact, the thickness of a standard notebook PC is only about as thick as that of an ultraportable. In other words, an ultraportable is actually thinner than two standard notebook computers!

So how light is this luggable as far as weight is concerned? Remember, these laptops are only a few inches thick, so you can’t expect a lot of weight. You’re going to be able to carry it in one hand easily. You’re also going to be able to toss it in your back pocket and carry it with the rest of your stuff. In other words, it’s extremely light. These laptops are about an inch and a half in thickness, so you’re looking at about two pounds for a full-sized laptop.

Now, the screen size is where this laptop gets really interesting. Although it’s thin, it’s not tiny like some others. You can still see everything on this laptop when you are using it, so you don’t have to type at top speed to be comfortable. Instead, you’ll be able to view your text in large letters and make out sentences with ease.

If you’re looking for a laptop that doesn’t weigh all that much, then you might want to consider getting an XPS 13 laptop. These laptops have been specifically engineered to be lightweight. The front port allows you to plug in your headphones if you want to listen to music or see a video. Plus, you can even connect your keyboard right into the motherboard, which will allow you to use it with a standard computer monitor. It has the standard RAM, hard drive, and a touch screen, which makes it extremely portable.


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