The Aviation Division has cleared 95 percent licenses of Pakistani pilots serving in various carriers in seven nations, while the procedure of check of the rest of the will be finished one week from now. 

The issue of ‘questionable’ licenses drew world consideration after Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan uncovered in the National Assembly that there were 860 dynamic pilots in the nation and 260 pilots had not sat their tests themselves and right around 30 percent of the pilots had phony or inappropriate permit and didn’t have flying experience. 

In the blink of an eye a short time later, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) grounded 107 pilots associated with having counterfeit licenses and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) began check of their licenses. 

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The flight serve additionally declared that five senior authorities of the CAA had been sacked over the outrage and they could be arraigned. The ‘questionable’ licenses issue additionally grabbed the eye of different nations and carriers where Pakistani pilots were utilized. The nations which grounded the Pakistani pilots and requested that the Aviation Division confirm their accreditations incorporated the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and Bahrain. On Friday, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia likewise requested that the Pakistan government check the licenses of Pakistani pilots serving there. 

The Director General of UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, had asked CAA Director General Hassan Nasir Jamy to confirm the accreditations of Pakistani airplane support specialists and flight activity officials who changed over their individual licenses gave by the CAA

Aviation Division cleared Pakistani pilots
Aviation Division Has Cleared 95 Percent Licences Of Pakistani Pilots

The UAE GCAA had additionally requested that the Pakistani specialists explain the contrast among “phony” and “suspect” cases, assuming any, with the goal that they could make quick and suitable move in light of a legitimate concern for security of flight activities. 

The European Union Air Safety Agency has likewise reported suspension of PIA authorisation for a half year. 

As indicated by authentic sources, Vietnam prevented Pakistani pilots from flying and approached the CAA for confirmation of 11 Pakistani pilots related with various aircrafts. Of the 11 Pakistani pilots, the licenses and qualifications of 10 had been checked and sent back to the specialists concerned, while the confirmation of the staying one would be finished by Tuesday one week from now, the sources said. 

On July 2, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) had reported transitory suspension of Pakistani permit holders utilized in Malaysia. The CAAM sent a rundown of 14 Pakistani pilots for confirmation of their licenses. The Pakistan CAA checked the accreditations of the considerable number of pilots and educated the Malaysian specialists in like manner. 

In the UAE, 54 Pakistani pilots have been utilized in various aircrafts, including Fly Dubai. The check of licenses of 48 pilots has been finished and the staying six will be confirmed one week from now. The CAA educated its UAE partner about the check of 48 pilots. 

As per the sources, three carriers of Turkey likewise looked for check of licenses of 19 Pakistani pilots. The check of 18 pilots has been done, while that of one is under procedure. 

Similarly, the Bahrain Aviation Authority asked the Pakistan CAA to confirm the accreditations of three Pakistani pilots. Of the three checks, two had been finished and sent back, while the staying one is under procedure. 

Correspondingly, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Authority looked for confirmation of licenses of three Pakistani pilots. Two of the three licenses of Pakistani pilots have been cleared by the CAA, while the staying one will be finished one week from now.


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