Award holder Julie Larson-Green leaves the Microsoft

Award holder Julie Larson-Green leaves the Microsoft
Award holder Julie Larson-Green leaves the Microsoft

On Tuesday, after having spent two and a half decade with Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green who led the Windows 8 redesign has moved on from the company.

Julie Larson-Green a long time Microsoft executive says that she is ready to share her experience elsewhere.

She spearheaded radical shifts in the look and feel of the Microsoft’s flagship products.

She had been one of the company’s most high-profile women and has now left Microsoft after twenty five years.

She says that she is leaving to pursue new opportunities

Julie Larson-Green had been the most recently chief experience officer for the Office Experiences Organization.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Over the years she held multiple roles, in addition to the Windows division. There she oversaw the redesign of Windows 8, including  the devices and studios group, where she worked on devices such as the Surface.

Microsoft said in a statement,

“We thank Julie for the numerous contributions she’s made to Microsoft over the last 25 years, and we wish her the very best in her new endeavors,”.

Larson-Green has not immediately responded to a request for comment.

According to the reports from reliable resources,  she had been on leave since May for a spinal cord surgery. And she did some advising work for other companies, while recovering.

Bloomberg quotes her saying,

“It made me realize I was ready to take what I learned at Microsoft and apply it in other places,”.

She led the redesign of Windows 8 causing the arousal of some users’ ire. She also added the ribbon design to the top of the Office screen.

 She had a return to the Office group in recent years after a brief stint heading up hardware.

After her recovery from spinal cord surgery she spent some time -with the permission from Microsof– advising other companies on product development and culture development.

During the last week, she received an award for her mentoring work.

No doubt she is a great woman that had been and is inspiration for the women all around the world. Her contributions to the advancement of technology would not be forgotten by Microsoft.

We wish her the best as she has decided to seek out some other opportunities.

Hopefully provision of an opportunity to let her get what she wants to bring and introduce to the world would be beneficial for the opportunity provider and the whole world as well.


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