Aziz Com Mirza Sentenced to Imprisonment for Committing Fraud in Dubai

Aziz Com Mirza Fraud

He calls himself a businessman and philanthropist but he turns out to be much more than just that, Aziz Com Mirza has been found guilty of fraud. The Dubai Criminal Court has just sentenced a former resident in one of the most expensive buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa. The man in question has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and has also been issued a hefty fine of $75,500 on the account of cheating an Indian businessman. It should also be noted that Com Mirza was also sentenced to six months in jail and was fined a whopping $140,000 and was also issued a notice to deport the currently earlier in an entirely different case. The Canadian resident has been given 15 days if he wishes to challenge the verdict standing against him. 

Among other charges, the person has been accused of cheating investors all over the globe through pyramid schemes, get rich in 20 days type of a thing. Com Mirza is currently in jail and thus far served 8 months inside a cell. The man in question was arrested arrested after a Gulf News investigation surfaced which showed how he was able to trick not one but hundreds of people in to investing in fraudulent schemes. 

Emirati lawyer Maha Bin Hendi, who represented some of the victims says that. “Justice has finally been served to the people who entrusted Aziz Com Mirza with their money,” She further added that the penalties which have been issued to Com Mirza have been referred to civil courts. Another lawyer familiar with the case has stated that Com Mirza is in deep waters here and getting out of jail until he pays back his investors is completely off the books and he won’t be able to escape the hands of justice easily. The lawyer said “He has been sentenced by the criminal court, but civil cases are still pending,” 

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Com Mirza has his origins from Pakistan, he was taken in to custody in October 2019 after he was found guilty of the aforementioned fraudulent activity. Furthermore, the news Channel through which Com Mirza was caught, Gulf News investigations has given us some insight in to the case, according to the news channel, the victims of his schemes were from all over the globe, they included people from countries such as the United States, UK, Canada and Greece among many others. It is interesting to note that many of of his victims were from UK-based online community platform Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN), which Mirza and his brother Rafaqat ‘Rocky’ Mirza got launched in 2015 and together both men used the platform to float an investment scheme dubbed the “Leverage Programme (LP)”, which guaranteed people financial freedom within one year. Members were encouraged to join the network by forking out a minimum of £5,000. Amount of £4 million was earned by the two under the name of the LP between January 2017 and 2019. 


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