Do You Know What’s in Your Face Moisturizers?

Babassu wax

Babassu wax is an all-natural, light wax that makes an excellent moisturizer for your skin. The wax is also a very rich, nutritious emollient, which means it has many beneficial effects on the body. Babassu wax forms a natural protective, healing invisible layer on your skin when applied topically, yet leaving you with a silky feeling almost similar to that of baby oil. In general, babassu wax produces a light, smooth, pleasant sensation on your skin. You may notice some reddening at first, but it fades quickly.

Because it contains the essential fatty acids needed to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, babassu oil and its creams are excellent for reducing wrinkles and improving elasticity and softness. People who suffer from dry, brittle hair can especially benefit from using babassu wax, as it leaves hair softer and shinier. It’s also good for making skin softer and smoother, and is often used in beauty treatments to address common concerns about such areas as acne, fine lines, and frizzy hairs. There are, of course, more general health benefits to be gained from applying babassu oil to your hair, but the best ones relate specifically to the cosmetic benefits of the product.

As mentioned above, one of the primary benefits of using wax or oil-based products containing these ingredients is the moisturizing effect. Babassu oil and its derivatives provide a unique third base for moisturizers; in fact, some of the best products contain only babassu oil, which is why they are so effective in treating dry, damaged skin. Even if you don’t have serious skin problems, it’s always worth getting a little extra skincare oil on hand for use during the winter months. If you prefer natural antibacterial versions of these products, look for ones with olive or grape seed oil instead.

Another great skincare benefit is the ability to protect our furniture. Refinishing or protecting your furniture isn’t a difficult or expensive task, but it does require a little time and patience. Most often, wood furniture polish is meant to protect your wood surface, although it can also help to prevent termites and other insects from getting into the wood. In many cases, refinishing your furniture can also be done in the comfort of your own home using wax or oil. The beauty of using these two products together is that they provide dual benefits. Refinishing your wood and protecting it from pests and damage while you enjoy the beauty of your new furniture polish are both easy to do.

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The benefits of Babassu oil for your body are almost endless. In addition to being a popular additive to make skin and hair feel soft and smooth, it has been shown to fight inflammation. Inflammation is always one of the main symptoms of conditions such as acne, rashes, psoriasis and other similar skin and body issues. Because it soothes redness, itching and inflammation, it can provide relief and often help clear up those conditions. When it comes to our hair, babassu oil nourishes the hair and helps keep it healthy and shiny. It is used to repair and rehydrate damaged hair, especially in the summer when hair becomes exposed to intense heat and drying.

Babassu wax in conjunction with other natural ingredients has become one of the most common additions to skincare regimens for people suffering from dermatitis, a chronic skin condition that results in itchy, flaky skin. While dermatitis affects millions of people, those who have it often suffer in silence. Dermatitis is caused by exposure to irritants like smoke, soaps and harsh detergents. Babassu wax increases moisture content and provides an additional barrier of protection for the skin, which decreases the inflammation associated with dermatitis. As an added benefit, babassu essential oil also serves as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Babassu oil, used alone or in combination with other natural ingredients, can help you manage several skin conditions including eczema and skin irritation, without resorting to harsh chemicals. Babassu wax serves as a soothing agent when applied topically and can even help reduce redness associated with some rashes and other skin concerns. As an added benefit, it soothes inflammation and reduces redness when used on the scalp. In addition, coconut oil added to babassu oil works as a moisturizer for the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

There are currently no known adverse side effects when using babassu oil or any other natural emollient in skin care products. The product can be used on all types of skin, regardless of its thickness. Babassu is an extremely moisturizing, soap-free formula that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Try a sample size of this emollient to see what you think!


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